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T-Mobile PUK Codes

T-Mobile Personal Unblocking Key

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This article describes PUK codes. If you are looking for a PAC code visit www.paccodes.co.uk, and if you are looking for a network unlocking code (NUC code) visit www.nuccodes.co.uk.

T-Mobile PUKs, or personal unblocking keys, can be obtained by phoning T-Mobile on 0870 60 60 139 (or 150 from your T-Mobile phone) or by visiting the T-Mobile website.

The PUK can be used to unblock a mobile phone which has become blocked. Mobile phones may become blocked when a PIN (personal identification number) is entered incorrectly on three consecutive occasions. In some instances, the phone may become blocked, which requires a PUK to unblock it, and in other instances, the SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card itself becomes blocked and again will require a PUK to unblock it.

Mobile phones are also blocked when they are reported stolen and if there is an outstanding payment on the account.

It is important to differentiate between unblocking phones (using a PUK) and unlocking mobile phones (using another type of code). More information on unlocking phones will be available here in the very near future. IF you are looking to change your mobile phone network provider and want to keep the same telephone number, then you need a PAC code - see www.paccodes.co.uk for more information and to get you PAC code.

It is a criminal offence for anyone to attempt to unblock a mobile phone, other than the network provider who put the block on the phone, in this case T-Mobile.

PAC Codes
Porting authorisation codes (PACs) are required when you change mobile phone network provider and want to keep the same mobile telephone number. For more information, visit www.paccodes.co.uk Comment

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MAC Codes
Migration Authorisation Codes (MACs) are required when you want to change your broadband internet service provider (ISP) and do not want any downtime. For more information viist www.maccodes.co.uk Comment